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#AK Leaks | 7000 கோடிக்கு கஞ்சமலையும் திருவண்ணாமலையும் ஜிண்டாலுக்கு விற்றுவிட்ட தமிழக அரசு :

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Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Trolls! Bigg Boss Season 2 has a lot of controversies and that continued on 1oth July episode too. In an argument, the villain actor Ponnambalam commented something controversial and this irked RJ Vaishnavi. She told him that this is why Ponnambalam has haters. Ponnambalam said that he just said it for fun and RJ Vaishnavi promised him that she would not reveal it to anyone. But, she damaged Ponnambalam’s image in Bigg Boss House. Daniel Annie Pope did a blunder yesterday. What was that? The Bigg Boss Camera revealed it. To know about it, watch the video!

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